About us

The Wodonga Innovation Project (WIP) is a joint-funded collaboration between the Victorian Government and Wodonga Council aimed at fostering innovation in the Wodonga region. The initial 3-year 'set-up' of the Project is being managed by experienced management consultants Delos Delta, in partnership with innovation experts CBRIN. Overall, the WIP aims to enhance the Wodonga region's reputation for supporting local business and commercialising ideas.


To establish a sustainable and holistic Business and Innovation Network in Wodonga, that will support the development local innovation capacity and support business growth in the region, by providing a central place (digital and physical) for innovators and entrepreneurs to connect, share ideas and develop new skills.


The main objectives for the Wodonga Innovation Project include:

  • develop a more robust, diverse and resilient business community

  • support innovation in business to better serve the unique needs and requirements of the regional community

  • position Wodonga as the business start-up and new product development capital of regional Australia

The Steering Committee

The Wodonga Innovation Project is being managed by Wodonga Council in partnership with smart city and innovation consultants Delos Delta. The Project is being governed by the WIP Steering Committee. The Steering Committee consists of local leaders and champions of business innovation that are supporting the 'on the ground' implementation of an innovation network for the Wodonga region. The Steering Committee is responsible for making key decisions about the forward planning, implementation and long-term support for an innovation network in Wodonga. Members of the Steering Committee are listed below.

Annette Davies (Charles Sturt)

Samantha Beresford (Charles Sturt)

Steve Martin (Nordcon)

Paul Vaccaro (WAW)

Rachael Puddephatt (La Trobe)

Helen Tobin-King (Victoria Government)

Damien Sims (Hume Bank)

Brook Dixon (Delos Delta)

The Working Group

Sitting under the WIP Steering Committee is the WIP Working Group. The Working Group consists of local leaders and champions of business innovation that are supporting the 'on the ground' implementation of an innovation network for the Wodonga region. While maintaining their already active roles in local organisations/businesses in the Wodonga region, the current members of the Working Group are all volunteers. Members of the Working Group were selected based on their strong and early commitment to the WIP and their immense knowledge of the local business/innovation ecosystem. Current members of the Working Group are listed below.

Our background

Looking to leverage momentum from the Wodonga CBD redevelopment and Wodonga Digital Connectivity Strategy, Wodonga Council remain committed to driving business investment and innovation capacity in the region. In light of this commitment, Wodonga Council are co-funding the Wodonga Innovation Project with the Victorian Government, with Council contributing $150k and State Government contributing $300k of seed funding to this initiative over the next two and a half years.

The Wodonga Innovation Project will be completed over three years (2019-2021), and focus on developing a business innovation hub that is agile, self-sustaining, and above all, drives community objectives. To assist in the design and management of the Project, Council has engaged Delos Delta and the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN).

Delos Delta, CBRIN and Wodonga City Council will work collaboratively with the local community to deliver this project, with the ultimate goal of creating a self-sustainaing innovation ecosystem that is run by the community, for the community. If you need a hand with a project you're working on, or scaling an existing business, we would love to hear from you.