Check-out some of the latest resources, programs and opportunities to develop your skills, and stay up to date with all things 'innovation' in the Wodonga region.

Local opportunities

Inspiration can come from anywhere.
That's why we have collated some of our favourite videos to help spark your personal internal creative/innovative genius.
Use these videos to keep up to date with the latest global trends in innovation, and hopefully learn something too!

Our community of innovators and entrepreneurs depends on a strong commitment and culture of sharing, engagement, buy-in and passion - so if you know a video that is similar to (or better than) the ones below, feel free to reach out and let us know.

Adapting Your Business in a Crisis: Fluffy Crunch

David Koch | KochiesBiz

In this short video, David Koch interviews two business owners who have been effected by COVID-19 and discusses how they have responded to the current environment.

Identify your mistakes quickly

Jagi Gill | TEDxTacoma

Sometimes the best way to look for clues on how to start a business, or the traps for building new products can be learnt by listening to stories from others in different industries. Jagi Gill the Founder at Tenex Health, shares some very important parts of the start-up journey that both small and big companies need to consider.

Persistence and understanding the customer

GaryVee TV

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 5 locations. Gary is a huge contributor of business content on the web. In this quick video, Gary talks about how success doesn't happen overnight, that you need to be ready to commit to your project for the long term and to make sure that you really listen to and understand your customer.

How to Nail the '60 Second Pitch'

Business Film Booth

Having a good 60 sec pitch is not about trying to become a car salesman, in fact in a lot of ways it has little to do with "selling" at all. Everyone is busy and in a world where time counts, it's important to ensure that when you are talking to anyone about your business or idea that you put your best foot forward giving yourself the best chance for future conversations.

What is a 'Pivot'?

Interloper Films

If you've spent anytime in the start up or research community you might have heard of a "pivot". While this has become quite a popular term, this is great quick video to understand what it is but more importantly some great examples of businesses that you know about that could give you some inspriation.

Business Planning: The Lean Canvas Way


If you've never done an MBA or worked in a strategic planning role you can be forgiven if you can't think of all the things you need to put into a business plan. It is also fair to say there are many types of business plans. There are very lengthy plans that will go to the bank when you need a loan, but there are other plans that can be done quickly & simply, especially when you are building something new.

Other resources

Two Cities One Community is a partnership between AlburyCity and the City of Wodonga pledging a commitment to work together to realise a shared vision to plan, develop and grow the Albury Wodonga region.

The Australian Innovation Community slack was created to provide information and connection to leaders supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia. The Slack community provides a means to connect and learn from innovation leaders, access information on different aspects of the innovation ecosystem, and make connections with other leaders for support.

Not only are CBRIN partners in the WIP, they are one of Australia's leading innovation networks with a multitude of programs and events aimed at supporting innovation in the Canberra region. CBRIN's mission is to empower entrepreneurs to strengthening the position of Canberra as a clever, connected, and creative city where entrepreneurs and businesses build on the city’s excellence in research and innovation to create social and economic benefits for all citizens.

Young people are central to a vibrant and healthy community. Project partners Wodonga Council reaffirmed their commitment to supporting youth in the Wodonga region in 2019 through their Youth Strategy. When given the opportunities, young people bring passion, energy and creativity to the whole community, and are therefore a central stakeholder in the development of a sustainable innovation ecosystem in the Wodonga region.